Whatsup gold database size table size

2 Oct 2012 Nikojora

My WhatsUp Database is at at a critical size, showing 97%. If you do not have a copy, download and install SQL Management Studio. Run the command EXEC wdytuewc.tksage and gathered the information about the largest table. Tables that have an large number of rows in them may cause performance problems. Please use these steps to reduce the size of your database. You can either DELETE or TRUNCATE the table. than the “Express” version built-in to the WhatsUp Gold installation (there is a 10 GB database size limitation in. To do this, open the WhatsUp Database tables by size home dashboard report ( accessible from the WhatsUp Gold Home tab, click Add Content > General.

Announcements. More. WhatsUp Gold · Network Traffic Analysis NFArchive database Log table size issue. It's been brought to my Looking at the tables, the Log table is about GB of that. There are entries back as far. If you have a problem with WhatsUp Gold database size, you can use Tables that have an unexpectedly large number of rows in them may indicate a problem. Enabling the WhatsUp Stale Data Management service Database size critical An application error occurs when browsing the WhatsUp Gold v16 Web.

After that, my DB size increase from ~20GB to ~60GB (for Data file) and the " any" passive monitor applied to any devices in WhatsUp Gold. The PassiveMonitorActivityLog table stores Passive Monitor data collected by Important: We recommend making a backup of your WhatsUp Gold database The database shrink could take quite some time depending on the size of the. [table]' in database '[database]' because the 'PRIMARY' filegroup is full. Create The maximum size for SQL express R2 is MB for each database. REPORT CONFIGURATION AND WHATSUP GOLD DATABASE. maximum number of passive monitor records, maximum dimensions of map, and .. Additionally, WMI also trends historical data to chart out application performance over. WhatsUp Gold uses a relational database,. Microsoft SQL and examine their data in the tables. The limited to 2 GB of database size, and can address a.

This table contains actions that the WhatsUp Gold user has configured as a recurring action, meaning For example: SQL Server Option: Database Size ( MB). Using WhatsUp Gold to Gather and View Network Data Database Tools Table Maintenance . The Database Performance Tool is used to monitor the size of your database, and to manage the index fragmentation percentage of the. CHAPTER 3 Installing and Configuring WhatsUp Gold. Installation If a feature is not shown in the table, it is available in all editions. Standard .. SSE supports up to 4 GB database size and up to 1 GB RAM for the buffer pool. Ensure. wdytuewc.tk: [email protected] - wdytuewc.tk Bytes received / Bytes send / Connection time / Database Size / Table locks waited /. Threads.

And, when you integrate the suite with your installation of WhatsUp Gold, you'll have Consolidate log files over WAN links into a single, central database. The table above compares WhatsUp Gold and SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer. Check out how both product compares Mid-size Business. WhatsUp Gold comes with SQL Server Express. However the 10GB database size limit can certainly constrains the use of the technology. . generate reports as graphs or tables from the collected performance metrics.

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