How to cook gammon joint in coke

2 Oct 2012 Mezibar

This slow cooker ham is cooked in Coke and then baked in a lovely sticky, aromatic glaze. It's a wonderfully yummy dish that the whole family. Cook a juicy gammon joint in a cinnamon-spiced stock, then add a sticky syrup and clove sauce and serve in thick slices, from BBC Good Food. No one who cooks it, cooks it just once: it always earns a place in every 2 kilograms mild-cure gammon joint; 1 onion (peeled and cut in half); 2 litres coca- cola.

Put gammon joint into slow cooker and add the cola, sugar, star anise and black peppercorns. Top up with water if needed. Cook on high for. I have to force myself to cook ham any other way now; though often I don't If your joint is larger or smaller, work out the timing by reckoning on an hour per. A juicy, alternative way to enjoy your gammon joint; cooked in Coca-Cola on a low heat for a couple of hours, with a glaze of cloves, treacle, mustard and.

A Christamas gammon cooked with cola or Coke on wdytuewc.tk | cook | bake | share | eat |. This coca cola ham is a spiral cut ham coated in a coke and brown sugar glaze, then baked to perfection. A 3 ingredient recipe that's perfect for. This is even better if you add a can of crushed pineapple in the beginning. You can cook it in the slow cooker instead of on the stove if you want, same amount of . This recipe is so simple but gives amazing taste! Gammon is a very popular piece of meat, and cooking it with cola takes it to a different level!. Coke Gammon Cooking Steps. Coca Cola and Gammon Joint. 1) Coke, meet gammon you're going to be spending a lot of time with each other.

Cooked in cola, this Christmas ham is gently spiced with a hint of sweetness. Topped of with a sticky glaze and mustard bark, this will fast. kg gammon joint, unsmoked; •2 litres regular Coke, not diet! •1 onion Place the ham in a large pan of water and bring to boil for 5 minutes. A modern take on a Boxing Day ham recipe, this sweet-savoury combo is sure to be a hit. The spiced sticky glaze makes it ever so moreish too. Like a tooth in Coke overnight, isn't it going to rot and disintegrate now on this is how I'm going to cook all gammon joints that head my way.

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