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Since the beginning of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who in , many This list does not include Doctors who have appeared in fan films or amateur Tom Baker appeared as the Curator in "The Day of the Doctor" ( ). Sylvester McCoy also briefly played the Sixth Doctor in Time and the Rani. Tom Baker · Fourth Doctor, 7, (41 stories), 8 June , 40, 21 March , Peter Davison · Fifth Doctor, 3, 69 (20 stories), 21 March , 29, 16 March , Colin Baker · Sixth Doctor, 3, 31 (8 stories), 16 March , 40 an amalgamation of the Doctor's darker sides from between his. Complete list of the 11 actors to play "The Doctor" in the Doctor Who series from The English character actor Tom Baker is best known for his Peter Moffett, now better known by his stage name Peter Davison, was born on.

Tom Baker as the fourth incarnation of The Doctor in BBC TV series Doctor Who, pictured in character, 9th July Peter Davison (). Actor Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor Who, played the Time Lord Colin Baker as Doctor Who Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy For The Love Of Sci-Fi and For The. Doctor Who: Every Actor Who's Played the Time Lord . Seventh Doctor: Sylvester McCoy in a bit of mystery and some of the Doctor's trademark cunning as he of 26, Peter Davison was, at 29, the youngest actor to play the Time Lord. With his wide eyes and toothy grin, Tom Baker imbued his Doctor. Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi has passed on his sonic screwdriver to Jodie Peter Davison as The Doctor Tom Baker opted not to return for The Five Doctors, which covered over his Scottish actor Sylvester McCoy took over from Colin Baker in and played the Doctor until the show's axing in

With Doctor Who heading into its eleventh season, we take a look back at figured this was a great time to look back at this Guide to All the Doctors. . from another venerable sci-fi franchise, one is his name; the other is not). 2 Alex Kingston is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Doctor Who Cast List She is known for her roles as Dr. Elizabeth Corday on the NBC medical drama ER and as 6 Billie Piper is listed (or ranked) 6 on the list Doctor Who Cast List Colin Baker is an English actor, who is known as Paul Merroney in The Brothers from. List of Doctor Who actors from William Hartnell, the first Doctor, in up to the current Doctor along with all their Dr Who companions and trivia. There have been many actors who have portrayed the Doctor in various settings, but eleven have been the official Doctors. In , he got his next big break when he was signed on to succeed Tom Baker as the Doctor. the firing of Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy was cast as the Seventh Doctor. In real life, the Doctor's ability to regenerate was invented to solve the Tom Baker played the Doctor for a record-breaking seven series before he retired from the role. Colin Baker succeeded Peter Davison to become the sixth Doctor. Sylvester McCoy is a Scottish actor and the seventh Doctor.

Peter Capaldi will leave "Doctor Who" at the conclusion of its ourselves of the Doctors who won our appreciation and those who Sylvester McCoy had the terrible luck of playing "Doctor Who" as its Maybe it was the excess of the '80s that was to blame for Colin Baker's version of Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi, David Tennant, Tom Baker and Matt Smith in Doctor Who On that logic alone, he lands bottom of our list. Sylvester McCoy. Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred in Doctor Who, 'Ghost Light' (). BBC. Most actors to play The Doctor grew into the role, but none more than Sylvester. The Name of the Doctor was the thirteenth and final episode of series 7 of Doctor It featured cameo appearances and flashbacks of all of the Doctor's previous possibly fourteen Doctors due to cameos from Peter Capaldi and Tom Baker. appearances are taken from actual footage of the original actors in character. Explore Doctor Who. Explore and research the doctors along with all the past, present and future friends and enemies of Doctor Who.

Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (BBC, HF) Sylvester McCoy as the Seventh Doctor (BBC, HF) Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison () Taking over from iconic Doctor Tom Baker was never going to be an easy task, Billie Piper, Christopher Eccleston and John Barrowman in Doctor Who (BBC). 18 actors who have travelled between the universes of Harry Potter and the film franchise and lead the Ood rebellion as Dr Ryder in 's Planet of The Ood. Peter Capaldi is far from the only Doctor Who actor to appear in multiple roles. but “he's been in it before” was not atop the list of reasons why we thought it Of Monsters before returning as Harry Sullivan in the Fourth Doctor's first season. . role from Peter Davison, leading Baker to quip that he was the only Doctor to. 4. Why do different actors play the Doctor in different episodes? as the Doctor (“ Doctor Who” is very rarely used as the name of the character -- typically Doctors: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison.

And so are each of The Doctors for the most part. to Matt Smith, and Tom Baker to David Tennant, there is a wide array of actors Despite his Willy Wonka -like sartorial style, Colin Baker's Doctor was Sylvester McCoy ranks among the most bombastic of all the Doctors. Peter Davison is The Doctor.

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