How to make subfolders in gmail

2 Oct 2012 Mak

When you don't know how to create folders in Gmail, your inbox controls you. You could create a label “Google Alerts” and then subfolders like “January” and. In Gmail, not only can you create folders to stay organized, but you can also set up subfolders and nested labels to keep your labels sorted. Gmail's labels are incredibly useful for organizing emails. To set up a subfolder or nested label in Gmail. 5 days ago This wikiHow teaches you how to create "folders" in Gmail. While Gmail refers How do you create a subfolder in Gmail? wikiHow Staff Editor.

You can create labels that store your emails. Add as many labels as you want to an email. Note: Labels are different from folders. If you delete a message, it will. Create labels to organize Gmail. You can create labels that store your emails. Add as many labels as you want to an email. Note: Labels are different from. TY for the A2A. The real answer is, you can't. Gmail was created to do away with folders and sorting, and replace all that crap with search. So in Gmail, there are.

Gmail makes it very easy to organize your emails using labels option Nest label under — where you can create new sub labels (subfolders). Before you can make the best use of your Gmail inbox, you need to understand some basic concepts. Folders, Labels, and Tabs in email have. If you run your own business, you must keep your email organized to be able to find various emails quickly and respond to your clients as soon as possible. When you connect to your business POP, IMAP or Exchange email account from your Apple iPhone, the device will automatically load all the subfolders and. How to create folders in Gmail. Open an email; See the Folder button at the top in the middle? Click it to open the drop down menu; Choose Create New to.

Labels are an important part of Gmail, functioning like folders on a Creating a nested label for your projects should help you make sure that. A recent convert to Gmail, RLConner asked the Answer Line forum about Gmail offers two ways to make other changes to labels, such as. The way Gmail's organization works, a label can be a label, but it can also be a Labels don't quite behave like folders, although sometimes they do. By the way , you can have sub-labels just as you can have subfolders. Create subfolders in Outlook or Outlook to arrange emails into categories for easy access. Check out tips that answer common questions.

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