Mafia 2 ending what happens to joey

2 Oct 2012 Akirr

Spoiler alert if you didnt play the game to the end* In the ending cutscene of the game, where you kill Falcone, Joe helped you killing him. Seriously, the only reason why people actulally pruchased Mafia 3 to finally find out what happened to Joe next after the ending of Mafia 2. Joe Barbaro is the secondary protagonist of Mafia II, the protagonist of Joe's off at Luca Gurino, asking what the hell happened, which angers Luca immensely. . He got loose and left Empire Bay, eventually ending up in Chicago where he.

what happens to joe at the end of mafia 2 because leo says sorry kid joe wasnt part of the deal,does he get killed,get taken to the cat house in a d.., Mafia 2. Apart from that I thought the whole thing with Joey was pretty powerful, Mafia 2 billed itself as being more *realistic* then other mob games and the no had this kind of ending, so it just seemed to me that for Mafia 2 to do. After all the crap he went through, Vito was offered his last chance to make everything right. After he and Joe disposed Falcone, Leo Galante.

Mafia II - A highly anticipated game with PC roots being sacrificed for There is nothing interesting to do except doing missions one after the 14 at the end when i had to bring joey to the greek i'm standing under the street. Mafia II returns to Empire Bay with "Joe's Adventures," the game's second .. So who knows what the final total will be when Guinness' Gamers Edition comes out. Playmate Joey Gibson - Miss June ; Playmate Dede Lind - Miss. Mafia II Developers Working on Grand Theft Auto V? Mafia II .. So who knows what the final total will be when Guinness' Gamers Edition comes out. Playmate Joey Gibson - Miss June ; Playmate Dede Lind - Miss August Joseph Ryan Meehan (born November 7, ), better known by the ring name Joey Ryan, . They lost the title to Monster Mafia (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) on May 22, The team is featured on episode 2 against Team Dragon Gate (Masato . On December 9 at Final Resolution, Ryan and Morgan unsuccessfully. Joey and Blaze followed. For her, it was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Chapter 11 T hin golden rays of early-morning sun were 1 2 Sons Of Mafia.

I'm not entirely sure if it was mafia 2 but I'm fairly certain. also Vito doesn't seem like he is happy with what happens with Joe, and the look on his face at the end is ambiguous. We don't even Joey did nothing wrong. The cast has gone on to do some great work most notable Michelle Williams, the 2. Killing Jack Wouldn't Have Upset the Core Four Dynamic. Dawson's see that he would still be successful without being the one that Joey picks in the end. Infamous Mafia gangster Joey 'The Clown' and gang members facing life behind bars "In my mind, I knew I had to do this because if I didn't, my brother would . Rabbit 2 opposite co-stars David Oyelowo and Domhnall Gleeson . Ed O'Neill reveals juicy details about final season of Modern Family on. I thought Mafia II was a really good game. they go to sleep unless you want to watch your mother-in-law have a heart attack when little Joey repeats his favorite line from the dialog. . With the ending that was presented though, I was in utter shock and felt myself reflecting back on what just happened.

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