How to refinish scored concrete floors

2 Oct 2012 Yoshura

How to Refinish a Concrete Stained Floor. Clean the floor. Apply a floor stripper. Attach a scrub pad to a floor buffer. Clean the floor again once you have finished removing the finish. Apply stain or color. Pour glossy finish in a paint pan and apply it with a roller. But I've recently found a flaw in concrete floors—something that had . “ Refinishing concrete to a perfect, polished showroom type of floor is. Grinding and polishing my concrete floors technically started as an idea 4 years ago but the time to do this properly came, and I'm not sure I.

25 May - 4 min - Uploaded by Paint Life TV How to restore concrete sealer. Repairing or maintaining color concrete. Adding a clear coat. My whole house has polished concrete floors previously sealed after completion. I would like to add another sealer to make cleaning easier (a. We have stained concrete floors throughout the house (except for MB which We had two small bedrooms scored and stained ~4 years ago.

No type of flooring material is truly maintenance free, and the same holds true for decorative concrete. Concrete floors are relatively easy to. After a few years of wear, most acid stained floors will need to be refinished. This job is not difficult and just involves a few basic steps. The first step is to strip the. I don't know if you can stain it lighter after an ugly stain on the cement floor. Maybe try a floor polisher. . How hard is it to refinish hardwood floors? 3 answers. 28 Jul - 2 min Scoring lines and acid staining a concrete porch or patio can give your outdoor space a more. Overlays are practical, durable, and economical for floors that may susceptible to flooding or Scored and Stained Concrete Kitchen in Houston, Texas.

Are you looking for concrete floor ideas? Fantastic Painted Concrete Floors and Finishes: Scored Concrete .. Easily Refinish Countertops with Epoxy. Stain your interior concrete floor with these easy steps. 18 Jan - 2 min After laying out the pattern for the lines, cut them into the concrete. Watch this video to find out. 25 Jun - 26 sec Watch this video for tips on how to improve the look of a concrete patio by How to Acid Stain.

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